Intellectual Property Licensing

Business Terms:

We will show you how your technology can be successfully packaged, and priced. A license agreement should reflect the way you run your business, not dictate it. By understanding the business needs of both you and your licensees, we will develop the appropriate set of business terms to govern the transfer and use of your technology, and then create a license agreement that meets those needs.

Payment Terms:

Selecting the right model for payment of license fees will depend on your financial goals, the type of technology and how it will be used by your licensees. Your company’s strategy for revenue recognition and taxes may also affect the optimal method of receiving payments.


While some licenses are based on a shrink wrap “take it or leave it” model, higher value technology usually involves a negotiated license agreement between the owner of the technology and the licensee. With extensive experience on both sides of license negotiation, TTSI can advise you, or act on your behalf in license negotiations.

Marketing and Sales:

The target market and potential licensees for your technology may be very different from your traditional customer base. TTS can set up a program to promote your technology as well as negotiate and close deals on your behalf.