Our Services

Government Funding – Grants and Tax Credits:

  • If you have made product or process improvements within the last two years or are planning a future R&D project in Canada, you can recover up to 64% of your R&D costs through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED) program. If you have developed an Interactive Digital Media Product in Ontario, you could be eligible for a refund of up to 40% of your development costs by Ontario’s OIDMTC program.
  • Various government grants may also be available to your company. Energy conservation projects and products, manufacturing productivity improvements, job creation and exports to new markets are some of the current government priorities supported by grant programs.

Technology Evaluation:

  • We determine how your technology can be successfully packaged, priced, marketed and licensed to others.

Technology Licensing:

  • Technology Licensing involves marketing and licensing to your customers (or from your vendors), by drafting effective license agreements and contract negotiation.

Technology Acquisition and IP Asset Management

  • We will also support your acquisition of licensed technology from other vendors, and provide education and development of intellectual property business strategies for your company.

Website Design

  • With our background in software development, we also do website design. Whether it is a brand new site, or refreshing an existing site, we can help.