SR&ED Tax Credits

At TTSI we have over 15 years experience in successfully preparing and defending SR&ED tax credit claims for all types of businesses including manufacturers, food processors, health sciences, software development and electronics.

If you are a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation in Ontario, 42% to 64% or more of your eligible R&D expenses may be recovered through federal and provincial tax refunds, even if you have no income tax payable.

Larger corporations, partnerships and individuals can receive 15% to 23% or more of eligible R&D expenses as tax credits. Maximum amounts will vary by province.

In addition to new product development or high tech. R&D, a significant amount of industrial process improvement, manufacturing processes or food sciences development may be SR&ED eligible.


If you develop an Interactive Digital Media product in Ontario, then up to 40% of your overall development cost can be eligible for refund by the province under the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC) program. It could be a game, an education or training product or an information service. Some marketing and distribution costs are also covered. Other grant or tax credit programs may also be applicable depending on the circumstances. Contact us for an evaluation of your eligibility.